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The Purposeful Leadership Series

Workshop 2

The following are session recap notes for participants of The Purposeful Leadership Series

This page is meant for participants of the Purposeful Leadership Series. If you have not signed-up for the programme, kindly return to our homepage.

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A programme brought to OCBC by Human Dynamic, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting

Image by Andrew Moca

Stakeholders are people

Image by Wylly Suhendra

A stakeholder is
 who is impacted by your actions


Your actions impact stakeholders differently




Stakeholders have different levels of interest



Intensity (Power)

Stakeholders have a level of influence over the outcome

What similarities and differences do you see in your stakeholders?

Stakeholder Roles


The face of the initiative


Lends weight to the initiative


Meeting desired expectations


Delivering on expectations

The roles are dynamic and requires constant prioritising and managing of tension between the needs and outcomes

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Stakeholder Relationships

The relationship is dynamic

Don't take things for granted

Be intentional about it

Be clear about expectations

Recognise it takes time

Make time for it

How are you engaging your stakeholders?


Trust is the invisible currency that is tangible

10 Thoughts on Trust:

  1. It is the invisible currency, and it is tangible

  2. Trust is a feeling, and it is real

  3. Trust is difficult to be measured, but it can

  4. Trust is a bond between two or more persons, and not organisations

  5. Trust is mutual, and not exclusive 

  6. Trust is earned, and can be lost 

  7. Trust is given, and never demanded

  8. Trust brings a sense of security, and vulnerability 

  9. Trust allows you to have confidence in the other person, and you can likewise lose confidence in them

  10. Trust brings a sense of liberty, and freedom

Image by Diego PH

Leaders must be the first to extend trust

Leaders must deny
Self Preservation
Self Ambition
Self Gratification
...and pursue
Shared influence
Collective advancement
Generational sustainability

Leaders who build trust can lead with influence

Worker with Ladder

Raising a formidable coalition


Existing in an environment with common shared resources


Recognising the value one brings and contribution towards a common goal


Joint efforts and contribution towards a common goal


Commitment towards creating new possibilities


Synchronization of activities with the intention of minimising disruptions


Performing own role to ensure task at hand is completed


Contributing towards the achievement of a common goal
The intentional coming together of more than one party with the purpose of achieving a common outcome that they would have not been able to do so on their own
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