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Leadership Talk

25 October 2023

Leadership is influence.

Leadership is a skill you can develop.

Leadership begins with me.

A leadership talk brought to BASF by Human Dynamic, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting

Mountain Hikers

Leadership is influence

“Everything we say or don’t say, do or don’t do, are or are not, that modifies, affects, or changes someone else’s behaviour, thoughts, or actions, consciously or unconsciously, for good or for ill.”


Roffey Park Institute

Leadership... observable
...brings change constant
...creates impact

Leadership is a skill you can develop

5 Levels of Leadership (John Maxwell)

Influencing the heart, mind and hands

Leading with Conviction

Leading with Clarity

Leading with Competence

Winter Hike
Sunset Views

Leadership begins with me

Lead Self - Lead Others - Lead Organisation

Decisions - Discipline - Dedication

Choices - Actions - Commitment

Focus - Process - Outcome

Reflection Questions
  1. Who is leading / influencing me and who am I influencing?
  2. How can I grow my leadership / influence?
  3. Am I leading with conviction? (what is my purpose)
  4. Am I leading with clarity? (what are my values)
  5. Am I leading with competence? (what am I enabling)
  6. What decisions do I need to make today?
  7. What disciplines must I inculcate?
  8. What dedication do I demand from myself?
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