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How can I be purposeful with my life?

Who can help me on this journey?

Discovering Purpose

Reflection areas to help discover your purpose:

  1. Childhood experiences

  2. Moments of crisis

  3. Areas of passion

Questions for reflection:

  1. Reflect on the event (be specific)

  2. Why was the event meaningful to you?

  3. What did you value out of that experience?

  4. How did you feel?

  5. Have you had the same experience again?

  6. What was the same and what was different?

  7. Do you see any emerging themes?

  8. Are there any associated values?

Image by Jamie Street
Your Purpose Statement

Purpose is your unique gift you bring to your world (your team, your family, your community - basically, the people around you). Think about what they would be missing without you. What do you provide or bring that makes a difference in their lives? 

The reason for developing a purpose statement is to help you focus on your purpose. To be involved and engaged in that which brings a sense of meaning, fulfilment, contentment and joy.


Your purpose is not self-serving - it does not focus on how it will benefit you. It is not your ambition or goal, nor is it a strategy or a mantra. Purpose is much larger and goes beyond all that. Your purpose affects all areas of your life - at home and at work.


To become a CEO by the age of 45

Self-centred statement. The focus is on self. Does not involve others. More of a self ambition.

To be the best person I can be

Self-centred statement. The focus is on self. Sounds more like a mantra.

To earn a million and retire at 40

Self-serving. Does not speak about how people around are impacted. Sounds more like a goal and personal ambition.

If your purpose statement sound like the above, you want to ask the "why" question.

For example:

Why do you want to become a CEO by the age of 45?

So that my family can live a comfortable life. Why?

So that my children can have a good education. Why?

So that they can have the knowledge and wisdom to make good decision. Why?

So that they don't have to suffer the consequences of making bad choices. Why?

So that they can be of good influence to others around them.

Initial purpose statement:

To become a CEO by the age of 45

Revised purpose statement:  

Influencing others to make good decisions

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