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Leadership Talk

February 2024

Accountability is possible with ownership

Accountability is possible with clarity

Accountability is sustainable with intentional engagement

A leadership talk brought to BASF by Human Dynamic, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting


Accountability keeps you on your journey

The power of accountability 

Accountability brings security
Accountability brings confidence
Accountability brings the best out of people
Why is accountability difficult?

Clarity enables the building of ownership

Clarity removes ambiguity
Clarity promotes confidence
Clarity enables performance
To build ownership, we must have clarity around:
Rectangular Gemstone
Coffee Break

To sustain a culture of accountability, we must

Check-in regularly
Coaching conversations

Reflection Questions
  1. Am I clear about my own purpose? 
  2. Is my team clear about our purpose?
  3. How can I help make clear our team purpose?
  4. How can I as a leader, empower my team (through purpose)?
  5. Am I clear about what is expected of me? In what areas can things be clearer?
  6. Are there clear boundaries to help me focus? Can these boundaries be broadened?
  7. How do I value people? How can I add value to people?
  8. Am I clear about what I want to do?
  9. Is what I want to do aligned with what the organisation wants me to do?
  10. Do I have the skills to do it? Where / who can I go to for guidance?
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