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The Purposeful Leadership Series

Workshop 1

The following are session recap notes for participants of The Purposeful Leadership Series

This page is meant for participants of the Purposeful Leadership Series. If you have not signed-up for the programme, kindly return to our homepage.

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A programme brought to OCBC by Human Dynamic, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting

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BIG Idea

Make a decision, and focus on the process

What am I deciding today?

What process must I focus on?

BIG Idea

Knowing is good,
applying is even better!
Reflection and Journaling


Intentionally Thinking - setting aside time to look back and think, for us to move forward more effectively

Intentionally Writing - putting down our thoughts and capturing the learning and application opportunities

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Leadership Development Essentials

Learning is a posture of my heart and mind, not my time and resources - Be Humble

Learning requires intentionality, it doesn’t just happen automatically - Be Purposeful

Learning is a journey and not a destination - Enjoy it!

Leadership Development is a Journey
Grounded by Purpose
Guided by Values

Galvanised by Vision

Read more about how purpose, values and vision intersect in Thriving or Existing


Leadership is influence

- John Maxwell

Who is influencing me?

Who am I influencing?

How can I continue to be an influence?

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