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Welcome to the

Purposeful Leadership Series

Confident. Competent. Compelling. Catalytic. Committed.

Purposeful Leaders are confident and secure in who they are; competent with a servant-heart in what they do; acting as a catalyst to spur others into future possibilities

This page is meant for participants of the Purposeful Leadership Series. If you have not signed-up for the programme, kindly return to our homepage.


Welcome to the Purposeful Leadership Series!

Leadership development is a journey and I want to thank you for starting this journey with me!

Every journey begins in the mind when we set ourselves up for it. As we journey together over the next few weeks, I want to encourage you to reframe your thinking. Be open as you make new discoveries and work through past challenges. 

As you reframe your thoughts, may you be inspired to take steps to act upon it. Start small and start we all must. As you begin to put into action, my hope is that you will begin to see changes in how you lead yourself and others.

These small steps will eventually translate into impactful leadership as we seek to be purposeful and add value to others.

I want to encourage you to make the most of the engagement - be it the physical or virtual workshops, small group conversations or coffee chats. Make time, be open to learn and learn listen to one another. Speak with confidence in a safe environment and share your experiences generously.

Friends, I am grateful for you allowing me to be part of your journey. It is going to be an exciting and amazing journey as we learn together and become the Purposeful Leader!

Connecting Purpose. Creating Value.


Founder, Invigorate

A programme brought to OCBC by Human Dynamic, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting

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For new participants, kindly complete the following Participant Questionnaire before attending the workshop.

Below are links to the session recap for your reference. The links will be made available after Cohort 2 completes each session.

Workshop 1
Cohort 1: Sept 22 -23   I   Cohort 2: Sept 27 - 28
Workshop 2
Cohort 1: Nov 3 -4   I   Cohort 2: Nov 8 - 9
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