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LEAD Through Crisis

Session 2

We cannot manage our way out of a crisis, we have to lead it!

- John Maxwell

Image by Chang Duong

Asking Questions
Developing Others

Session 2

Leaders value people and add value to others

When leaders seek to add value to others, asking questions become purposeful in people development

What can I do to add value to others?

How can I serve others better?

Asking Questons

Developing a growth mindset requires intentionality

Do I have a growth mindset?

How am I approaching my daily life challenges?

Am I intentionally seeking to learn?

Spring Onions
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Asking Questions

Avoid presumptions
Bring clarity
Cultivate interaction

Have I been presumptuous?

How can I lead my team differently?

Image by Hannah Busing


Developing others begins with selflessness

Selflessness is about getting out of your own way and the way of others; enabling people to bring the best version of themselves every time. Trust in the leader and followership increases.

How am I demonstrating selflessness towards the people I am leading?

Am I getting in anyone's way (including myself) of success?

Developing Others

We are in the people business

Value People

Invest in People

Honour People

Do I truly look at people as people and not a resource?

Who am I investing in?

Who do I need to honour today?

Image by Mitchell Hartley
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