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Purposeful Leadership Series

Confident. Competent. Compelling. Catalytic. Committed.

Purposeful Leaders are confident and secure in who they are; competent with a servant-heart in what they do; acting as a catalyst to spur others into future possibilities

Module 1: The confident leader

This page is intended for participants of the Purposeful Leadership Series from Deleum Berhad. If you have not signed-up for the programme, kindly return to our homepage.

A programme brought to Deleum by Human Synergy, and in collaboration with Invigorate Consulting

Abstract Linear Background


A Confident Leader is one who knows his/her identity. Because they know who they are, they can be secure and lead with confidence.

A Confident Leader is one who knows his/her identity. Because they know who they are, they can be secure and lead with confidence.

BIG Idea

Leadership is a journey from the inside out


Reflection and Journaling


What it is

Process of intentionally engaging your thoughts and capturing them


Where do I start?

Ask yourself:

What caught my attention? Why?
What did I learn?
How can I apply?


Why is it important?

Improved awareness
Intentional application



Consistency and accountability


the true north that anchors the leader

Purpose involves you, but it is not about you…
it is not self-serving
not what you can get
not what you can become

Is the reason for your existence
Shapes who you are and what you do
Brings meaning, fulfilment, contentment and joy


the credibility compass of a leader

Values shape the behaviours of the leader...

Principles and motives behind purposeful actions
Help us determine what is important to us
Values tell us how we should behave, what is acceptable and what is deemed to be helpful

Values mean very little until they are lived out...

Values shape the behaviours of a leader

Values mean very little until they are lived out 

To help us live our values, we need good character

Trust is built when a leader is consistent with their values

Crystal Salt


the way ahead with the leader

A realistic and intentional future...

What you can see determines what you can be
You can only see what you are prepared to see
What you can see is what you can get

Purpose + Values + Vision = Thriving Leader

Purposeful in their living, growth mindset
Find joy, contentment and fulfillment
Energised by their purpose
Resilient and passionate about what they do

The MSC Leader


Self Awareness


The Mind of a Leader - Hougaard and Carter

Leaders are involved in the people business

The purpose and role of leaders is to develop people and reproduce leaders

Being - Doing - Living

Humility is not thinking less of yourself. 
Humility is thinking of yourself less.

C.S. Lewis

Value people
Invest in people
Honour people
Reflection Questions
  1. What steps can I take to commit myself to daily reflection and journaling?
  2. Am I secure in my identity as a leader?
  3. How is my purpose, values and vision aligned?
  4. Am I exercising influence as a leader for my own benefit? What do I need to do differently?
  5. What is stopping be from being a Purposeful Leader?
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