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Thank you for engaging Invigorate!

Our assignments are anchored on the principles of sustainability and scalability. We make time to engage with our clients to ensure we connect purpose and create value together.

We have crafted some questions to help us understand and appreciate your business and the context it is coming from. These questions are a guide to frame our preliminary conversations.

Image by Maranda Vandergriff

Business Context

  1. Briefly describe the business direction in the short term (1 - 3 years), medium term (3 - 5 years) and the long term (beyond 5 years)? 

  2. What are your top three growth drivers? What are the top three opposing forces? What is the business doing to capitalise on the driving forces and address the opposing forces?

  3. What are some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the business today (and in the future)? What is the business doing about it?

Target Audience

  1. Briefly describe the target audience and their role(s). What would an ideal person in these roles look like? Who is someone you think who fits that description?

  2. What are some challenges facing this role currently (and in the future)? What would you like to see them do differently? How will you know when they have been successful?

  3. What is the career progression for these individuals? What will be helpful for their development into the next role?

  4. Describe how leadership is exemplified to the target audience?

  5. How often do you have leadership conversations with the target audience?

People Context

  1. Describe your People Strategy. When was the strategy crafted / reviewed?

  2. What are the strengths and areas of need in the following - talent attraction, talent retention and talent development.

  3. How does the organisation prepare people for leadership roles? How will you know when people are “successfully” prepared?

  4. What would the “ideal employee profile” look like? (background, experience, competencies, etc.). Who (in your point of view) comes closest to the said description?

  5. How would you describe the people in your business currently? What do you think can be done to enhance the talent capabilities of the organisation?

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